It's Raining Over-The-Bowl Art



Everything your customer needs in one bundle, to bring an instant upgrade to their pet’s feeding area! Minimalist colorful design in a white frame to match various decor styles. Each print fits snugly within a 45 degree beveled-cut paper core.

Art prints are hang-ready so customers can skip tedious steps and loose pieces. Peel + stick strips, included, give this product the appeal of easy and instant presentation.

These mealtime musings are a sweet surprise that hang around! Customers can mix and match for multiple pets. These all-inclusive prints also make for delightful gifts. 

Display ideas! 

  • Hang a print above feeding bowl + placemat product display
  • Hang a print over your store’s community water bowl
  • Mount 3 x 3 grid of skus to use as wall art in store
  • Customers can flip through prints placed in basket or clear-walled box, reminiscent of flipping through vinyl records!