Supporting animal welfare causes has always been important to me.

I made a dream a reality when I started Dog & Cat Cards. Greeting cards that give back to homeless animals.

While working in veterinary medicine - and simply as a proud pet parent - I longed for pet-centric greeting cards that suited everyday occasions too. I was in good company, learning that 70% of today's pet parents proudly celebrate their dog's birthday too!

Cards and displays' intentional minimalist aesthetic offer a seamless natural accent in settings from gift boutiques to veterinary hospitals, alike.

Our home continues to be a foster family for homeless animals on their way to better lives. So, while I'm constantly inspired by the antics of foster pets, it's safe to say you will be seeing new releases throughout the year. Celebrating the milestones and mishaps in pets' lives - while giving back to more animals - just feels good!

woof, mew, and thank you!